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How to Choose the Best Website Design for Your Business...

How to Choose the Best Website Design for Your Business:

Whether your business has been established offline for years or whether it is a new business altogether, the design of your website must coincide with your overall brand image and sales goals.

Evaluate the Purpose of your Website by using the best website design book:

The first obstacle in determining your website design is to evaluate its purpose. If you are a retail business, you most likely will need a shopping cart feature. However, if you are a consulting firm, you may only want...

Determine the Complexity of your Site:

Again, if your business sells many different kinds of widgets, then you will need a shopping cart. If your widgets are self-explanatory, (i.e. impulse items), then perhaps you simply need...

However, if your business is selling widgets which need more explanation, perhaps bigger ticket items, then you might need a single page for each widget. You may even need...

If your business is informational services, for example consulting, then perhaps your site can remain fairly simple. There is no need for a shopping cart of hundreds of pages showcasing each item. You may have a few different consulting packages, information on each, a sales letter, a contact us page, and about us page, and a home page. Perhaps a testimonial page for...

Design your Website:

You are now ready to design your website with the best website design book! Use your chosen theme to create cohesion within your website, whether it has a simple or...

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