Natural Holistic Remedies

Gone are the days where an 'apple a day' was the only way to stay healthy...

Alternative medicine has become more popular recently with people who are looking to play a more active role in maintaining good health. Gone are the days where an apple a day was the only way to stay healthy.

Those who have started to enjoy the benefits of holistic medical care will tell you that there is much to be said for preventative care that keeps the mind, body and spirit in excellent condition.

This "Natural Holistic Remedies "audio MP3 ebook" will guide you to what you can do and use to create a more healthier lifestyle for yourself through holistic and alternative medicine.


Chapter 1: Pain Relief
-Improve Your Posture
-Reiki Healing
-Biofeedback Therapy
-Magnetic Therapy
-Chiropractic Medicine

Chapter 2: Meditation
-Buddhist Meditation
-Mindful Breathing
-Stop the Music

Chapter 3: Body Cleansing
-Peroxide Baths
-Natural Caffeine Detox
-Body Detoxification Program

Chapter 4: Stress and Depression
-Avoid Television
-Bioenergetic Therapy

Chapter 5: Sleeping
-Improve Your Sleeping Habits
-Paying Attention to Your Dreams
-How to Remember Your Dreams

Chapter 6: Color Therapy
-Pay Attention to Color

Chapter 7: General Wellbeing Tips
-Go to the Dentist
-Consider a Liver Flush

Chapter 8: Body and Mind
-Be Gracious
-Transpersonal Therapy
-Ayurvedic Medicine
-Homeopathic Remedies
-Natural Remedies
-Playing an Active Roll
-Avoid Clutter
-Be Mindful
-Transpersonal Art Therapy
-Perform an Act of Love
-Nourish Your Soul
-Sound Therapy
-Holistic Athletic Training
-Prevention is Better than Cure

Chapter 9: Hypnotherapy
-Lose Weight or Stop Smoking

Chapter 10: Aromatherapy
-Visiting an Aromatherapist

Chapter 11: Homeopathy
-Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
-Allergy Relief

Chapter 12: Vitamins and Herbs
-Vitamin D
-Vitamin C
-Vitamins C and B
-Oranges and Fennel Seed
-Rosemary Tea
-Ipecac Syrup
-Garlic and Honey
-St Johns Wort
-Poison Ivy
-Peppermint Oil
-Sesame Oil
-Passion Flower Extract
-Bee Products
-Natural Remedies

Chapter 13: Natural Food Choices
-Planning Your Eating
-Drink More Water
-Eliminating the Color White
-Modify Your Diet
-Cut Down on Grains
-The Raw Food Diet
-Cut Out Supplements
-Nourishing Your Body

Chapter 14: Skin Remedies
-Your Skin Needs Water!
-Jojoba Oil

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